Kaizala is a secure, chat-based productivity app from Microsoft. The app enables you to connect with your entire network of employees, mobile workforce, suppliers and vendors, and consumers using open directory. Contacts can be onboarded using their phone numbers; alternatively, invite links can be shared as well. Having the entire network on one platform encourages collaboration across the board. Being a Microsoft product, Kaizala can be integrated with Office 365 suite and help in digitizing your business.

The app is compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC1, HIPAA, and other protocols. Admins can add Azure Active Directory sign-ins for added protection and security. Apart from the enterprise level security, Kaizala comes inbuilt with functional features that can be used by organizations to increase the productive output top down.

Group chat is one of the critical areas (apart from security) where commercial chat apps fail, and Kaizala shines. Kaizala has no restriction on the number of members that you can add to a group, thus making it a perfect fit for organizations with a vast network.

Let’s take a look at the ten features that will improve workflow and productivity across an organization:

  1. Survey and Poll – Using Kaizala, organizations can conduct quick polls and surveys to collect feedback. The feedback in the form of responses will show up in the admin dashboard, which can then be analyzed to improve business processes. The input can be implemented both within the organization (for employee review) as well as to collect insights from consumers (product/service feedback). The questions and completion deadlines can be customized accordingly. You can also add images as answer choices.

  2. Job – Organizations can use the Job feature to assign tasks and track their completion. This feature can be particularly useful for the on-field workforce, where real-time reporting is required, and any delay caused can prove damaging. Subsequently, this feature can also be used to assign tasks to employees who work remotely.

  3. Attendance – The attendance feature makes it easier to request and track attendance on the app, rather than maintaining an expensive HRMS platform. It is easy, efficient and can be accessed on the go by the management.

  4. Training – Every organization spends a considerable amount of effort into onboarding an employee. Organizations can conduct induction and orientation sessions on the Kaizala app. The Training feature enables a user to upload training documents, photos, and videos as per requirement. The new employees can go through the said media and understand the basics required to operate in the specific job role.

  5. Let’s Meet – Scheduling meetings can be a headache for big and even medium or small organizations as everyone needs to be on board with the set timings. Meeting invites via emails are often missed, and that causes further complications. Now, using the Let’s Meet feature on Kaizala, you can send meeting invites complete with agenda, venue, and time to individuals as well as groups.

  6. Checklist – This feature enables the creation of to-do lists. Individuals tasked with the assignments can tick them off the checklist upon completion. This feature will come in handy when working on projects that have minor tasks to be completed daily. Checklists ensure the team is aware of the ongoing mini assignments and knock them off one by one.

  7. Announcements – Organizations can now make company-wide announcements, without having to keep thousands in the loop, or individually inform each contact. Using the Announcement feature, the organization can update the employees about a policy change or notify users about upcoming product launches and events.

  8. Share Location – The Share Location and Share Photo with Location feature will prove very helpful to organizations with a sizeable mobile workforce, who are on the field and need to frequently share updates (documents and photos) along with the location(s). One example being restocking of inventories and quality check of physical stores and storage facilities.

  9. Submit Bills – Kaizala makes raising, tracking, and releasing reimbursements easy. The Submit Bill feature allows employees/vendors to raise invoice by mentioning the amount spent and even upload photos of the said expense.

  10. Customer Engagement Business Solutions – This upcoming feature from Kaizala will change the way how Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) interact with their users. There is provision for creating groups where the users can register their feedback with the service provider. The users can raise issues, rate the business, and make inquiries using the inbuilt cards. The concerns raised can be resolved quickly by the service providers, in this case, the SMBs. No need for an elaborate contact us/about us page or a detailed feedback form.

Kaizala has inbuilt games like BrainVita tournament (brain challenge), chess, quiz, tic-tac-toe, 2048, and Tetris, which double up as employee engagement outlet. The ‘nearby groups’ feature can be used to connect with potential clients and overall networking.