9 Features of iOS 9 You Should Know About

iOS 9 is here and has created a lot of buzz. But what’s new in iOS 9 and what are the features that have been added by Apple? Here are some iOS 9 features you’ll appreciate.

1. Smarter Call IDcaller idiOS 9 gathers data from your mail app and stores some information about your contacts. You will not only get email address auto-complete suggestions, but it also suggests names of the Unknown Caller.

2. Zoom In VideoszoomWith iOS 9, you can not only pinch zoom your photos but can also zoom in your videos with pinch gestures.

3. Notes UpdatenotesApple’s note-taking app now gives you the option to adjust the font size, add bullet points, dashes, and more formatting options. Now, you can’t only add images from the gallery but can also click images and shoot videos from within the Notes App. It now also provides with an option to add sketches to notes, make a check-list, add a map or a web link. The app comes with iCloud sync. Any changes to your note get updated across all your devices and iCloud.

4. Low Power ModebatteryCan’t charge your iPhone at the moment and the battery is about to die? Now, with the low power mode feature in iOS 9, you can extend your battery life. You can turn on the Low Power Mode (Power Saving Mode) manually by going into Settings > General > Battery > Low Power Mode.

5. CarPlaycarplayWith CarPlay, you can use your iPhone in your car in a safer way. CarPlay connects your iPhone with your Car’s built-in display and allows you to make calls, listen to music, send & receive messages and much more. CarPlay features Siri voice control and works with car’s controls — knobs, buttons or touchscreen.

6. AdBlock in Safari
In iOS 9 if you long press the refresh icon in Safari, it gives you the option to reload the page with ad blocking enabled.

7. Apple Walletwallet
Apple Wallet or Apple Pay is a secure, user-friendly and a great app to make payments. One touch to pay with Touch ID. To pay, just hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. Or you can double-click the Home button when your iPhone is locked to access Wallet and quickly make your purchases.

8. Personalised NewsnewsNow, you can select the topic you are most interested in or add a newspaper/magazine you like to get personalised articles. You can see the publisher channels and topics you’re following in “Favorites”. It also suggests you some topics based on the topics you’ve liked/read. Even publishers can create stories to deliver to their readers.

9. Music Stream Qualityapple musicEarlier, the quality used to vary depending on whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. But, iOS 9 lets you choose the quality of the music (bitrate) you want to stream your music at. Enabling the “High Quality on Cellular” option, Apple Music consumes more cellular data and songs may take longer to start playing.

These are not the only upgrades to iOS 9, you can now also use public transport with Maps as your guide or access any file you save to iCloud from Home screen. Security has also been improved as now it has a built-in support for two-factor authentication and six-digit passcodes. Multitasking, quick typing, improvements in Siri, search and a lot more is there in iOS 9 to be explored. You can also check all the new improvements to iOS 9 at the official Apple site.

iOS 9 is compatible with iPhone 4s (or later), iPad mini (or later), iPad 3rd & 4th gen, iPad Air (or later), iPad Pro, iPod touch 5th & 6th generation and is now available as a free download for the supported devices..

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