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Everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views. And when it comes to downloading videos, there are many ways to download Videos from YouTube. You can even download complete playlist at a time. However, when it comes to downloading songs directly in mp3 format from youtube, there are not so many free services/websites. Either, you are asked to download some software or to get a premium account. However, we’ve found a very convenient and easy way of downloading mp3 from YouTube without using any software. The method is very much similar to the one discussed in our previous article – “How to download YouTube Videos?“.

To begin downloading songs directly in mp3 format from YouTube, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the music video on YouTube from which you want to download the song in mp3 format.

url mp3

2. Modify the URL by adding “to” after “youtube” as shown below and click Enter.

add to for mp3

3. Choose the destination where you want to save your song.

For ease of access you can also copy this code and drag it to your bookmarks bar.

javascript:(function(){location.href=location.href.replace(/(\.?com)/, "to$1");})();

If you cannot see your bookmark bar, press Ctrl+Shift+B (or ⌘+Shift+B in Mac).
After this, all you have to do is open your video and
 just click the bookmark to download the song in mp3 format from youtube.

TIP: You can also use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download your files because IDM gives you many functions like Pause/Resume your download and it also increases the downloading speed.

UPDATE: If you’re facing some problems with the YouTube-to-mp3 (, then you can use YouTube-mp3 (, which is a similar site and easy to use. All you have to do is copy the URL of the video and open and paste the URL. Then, click on Convert Video button and enjoy your music!

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