How To Make YouTube Videos Load Much Faster

YouTube can suck sometimes. Especially when you want to relax and watch some funny videos or when you want to learn something and all you see is an ugly rotating circle again and again. Internet speeds are improving these days but still they are unable to match up with that ugly rotating circle. This is one big annoyance. Video Buffering still remains a major problem. But let us check out a chrome extension known as “Magic Actions“. This extension helps us load YouTube videos faster by disabling the smart buffering (Smart buffering is a technique opted by YouTube which loads the video in chunks of data instead of completely loading it). While this extension won’t load the video instantly, but it may prove to be a life-saver for some.

Besides helping us to load YouTube videos faster, Magic Actions has so much more to offer. This feature packed extension is baked specially for YouTube enthusiasts and cat lovers. It provides you with a small action bar at the bottom of the YouTube player which lets you perform various actions of your choice. It also shows the percentage of the video loaded in the action bar which is a small but nifty feature.


One of the prominent features of this extension is the cinema mode. It dims out the background, makes the player bigger and provides with an ambient lighting which simply makes the viewing experience pleasurable. Let us check out some similar fantastic features of this extension in detail.


To get started, we firstly need to install Magic Actions from the Chrome Web Store. After installing, you will be presented with an options page of the extension. (If not, you can open using this link :
Scroll down a little and you will see various options as following.

“Instant control over volume” – Enabling this option will let you control the volume of the video with just the help of a mouse. You can further select whether you want to use the scroll button or the right mouse button for the functionality. You can also set the color of the volume level displayed and the step number by which the volume adjusts.


“Enable Auto HD” – This option will automatically change the quality of the playing video to the one you have selected. That is you can set the quality in the options and every video that you play on YouTube will stream in that quality.


“Enable Cinema” – As discussed above, this feature will dim out the background, scale up the player to your chosen size and light up the edges of the video player.


“Speed Booster – Better video preloading / buffering” – This option will override the smart buffering settings as discussed above and will help us to Load YouTube Videos Faster.


These are some of the best features of this extension but there are more to play with and set according to your preference. This extension surely brings out the best in Youtube and can be rated as one of the best extensions for Google Chrome. We recommend you to surely try this out and let us know of your experience. Till then have a good read – Download Youtube Videos Easily Using A Simple Trick.

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