5 Best Photo Collage Maker Apps For Android

Collage has grown to become a distinctive part of modern art. The whole technique was made from assembling different form of objects to form an artwork. Photo collage making has been one of the oldest and yet the best technique we practice up till today. Photo Collage is simply a picture made by sticking other pictures onto a surface. This can form a beautiful piece, reminding us of the sweet moments we had with our family or friends. Now the whole process of making collage is quite simple. Before now, collage making was mostly done on pieces of paper. But now you can now create a stunning collage of all your photos, hang it on a wall and see how lovely and flamboyant it looks.

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A ton of Android apps can gladly allow you to make a beautiful collage of your pictures. This is quite simple as you will be able to add text, stickers, and filters to your photos to make them look awesome. The Google Play Store, without any doubt, offers a huge catalog of photo collage making apps. Now choosing the best could be a tedious task. Thus in this article, we’re going to unveil the best photo collage making apps for Android in 2017. So if you’ve got your Android device ready, let’s make a beautiful collage out of your photos…

#1. Photo Grid: Photo Collage Maker

Photo Grid! It is, without a doubt, one of my most favorite photo collage making apps on Android. If you are a photography fanatic, then you can easily use photo grid to create stunning images. Photo grid offers over 300 collage templates and you can stick all your photos into them. This is simple, as you can easily customize the templates to suit your needs and design your own photo creation. Photo grid also offers over 60 exclusive live filters combined with amazing handy tools to beautify your photos. With photo grid, you can personalize your photo collage with 500 stickers and cute emojis. The app offers exquisite features and perfect slideshow for your photos. In summary, photo grid works like magic and it’s one of the best photo collage making app on Android.

#2. InstaSquare Size Collage Maker

If you are an Instagram fan, then there is a need to install the InstaSquare size collage maker. The app offers a unique & powerful collage frame with tons of designed layout, emojis and stickers to make your pictures look astonishing. With Insta square size, you can post full square pictures on Instagram without cropping them. The app unravels square lite, which allows you to collage any of your photos. Furthermore, InstaSquare size brings over twenty fantastic filters, a unique background and hundreds of photo collage templates. The app is intuitive and easy to use, you can add text to your photos and also you’ll be able to experience a cute PIP effect. Overall InstaSquare size collage maker offers plethora features, and it will make your photos look awesome.

#3. PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage

PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage is your all-in-one photo creative suite. The app main purpose is to help you create awesome and attractive photos. PicsArt remixes free-to-edit pictures into an awesome collage and memes. PicsArt provides handy tools that can be used to beautify your pictures. You can crop, stretch, clone and also add stylish text to your photos. The app offers over 100 photo collage templates, and it gives you the opportunity to create custom stickers. Also, PicsArt allows you to create a montage of two photos using layers. The app offers a ton of smart features, and with the brush tool, you will be able to fine-tune your photos. With PicsArt, you can create beautiful grid style picture collages, templated collages, and a freestyle arrangement collages. Overall you will be able to experience how superb, fast and easy to use PicsArt is, as it creates a beautiful collage out of your photos.

#4. Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro

Photo editor collage maker is one of the most popular collage making app on Google Play. The app allows you to create a beautiful collage of multiple photos by stitching them with myriad layout frames and photo grid. With its intuitive and easy to use user interface, photo editor collage maker can create amazing collage off your photos. The app offers hundreds of funny stickers and attractive backgrounds. You can also add cute emojis to your photos to make them look lovely. Photo editor collage maker is amongst the most powerful collage making apps for Android, as it provides hundreds of layout and frames to choose from. You can rotate, flip and resize your photos to your preferences. The app brings a unique “fluid design“, and you can apply amazing filters to your photos. Overall, photo editor collage maker will create an amazing collage of your pictures.

#5. Pic Collage Photo Editor

Pic Collage is yet another powerful collage maker app for Android. The app just like its mate offers plethora features, coupled with an easy to use photo grid feature. Pic collage offers a wide variety of grid layout and collage templates to choose from. Also, you can easily decorate your photos collage with funny and artsy stickers and emojis. Pic collage brings a unique & powerful web search feature which you can use to find the perfect photos to add to your collage. With pic collage, you can add cool custom effects, filters, text and adjustable borders to your photos. You can also customize your collage background & add GiFs to them. Pic collage offers handy tools such as rotate, resize and flick to delete. In summary, pic collage is the perfect photo collage maker app for your Android device.

Wrapping up

With the above listed Android apps (in no particular order), you can create an amazing collage out of all your pictures. Simply stick them together, add stylish text, stickers, and emojis and see how perfect your photos look. If perhaps we have skipped or failed to mention other amazing photo collage maker app for Android, then kindly use the comment box below to unveil it to us.

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