Change or Reset Windows Password without any LiveCD

If you have forgotten your windows password or can’t log in, don’t worry. Because you need not have to perform a fresh installation of windows in your PC. This article will teach you – how to change or Reset Windows Password without knowing the current password. There are two methods to reset your password. The one that is more secure but requires a Live CD/USB to perform and the other one is without using any Live CD but it involves a risk of your windows getting corrupted (generally, in case, your windows is not genuine).

For the former method, Click – Change or Reset Windows Password without knowing the current password (with LiveCD).

Follow these simple steps to reset your password :-

  1. Go to the Lock Screen and then abruptly turn off your PC by removing your power cable directly (or pressing the power button again and again).
    P.S. – Do not shut down.
  2. After performing step-1, you should get a Windows Error on restart.
  3. When you enter Windows Error Recovery, select the ‘Launch Startup Repair‘ option.
    Windows will now start the repairing process.
    Launch Startup repairIf you get the box as shown below, click Cancel.
    repair box
  4. After 5-10 mins, you should get a Startup Repair box. Click on ‘View problem details‘.
    repair box
    You’ll get some problem signatures. Search for a link (blue) with .txt in the end.
  5. A text file will be opened. Select File > open.
  6. Select My Computer. Then open the ‘C’ drive (or wherever the windows is installed) and Go to Windows/System32 (Folder).
  7. Rename Magnify.exe with cmd.exe and cmd.exe as Magify.exe.
    P.S. – Perform this step carefully.
  8. After this, Click ‘Cancel’ and get out. Then Restart your PC again.
  9. When the lock screen appears, you’ll see the accessibility options (at lower left corner of the screen). From there, select the option “Magnifier“.
    windows accessibility options 7
  10. Instead of Magnifier, cmd will get open instead. Here, enter the following command -Enter the command…
                                          net user “your username” *
    NOTE : If you don’t know your username, First enter the command – net user and click enter.
    cmd change reset windows password
  11. Then enter a new password and confirm.

There you go!! You have successfully changed your windows password. Now you can open your PC by using your new password.
After opening the windows, go to C:/Windows/System32 and exchange the names again.

NOTE – This trick works in Windows 7.

If you have any question, you can comment down below.

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