How to create a LiveUSB Stick on Windows

A LiveUSB can be a great tool when your operating system is messed up or when it’s throwing hefty errors. Also, It can come in really handy when you want to try an OS like Linux but without affecting or modifying your current system files. To create a LiveUSB, all you need is a Linux flavored ISO file and a USB stick with atleast 2GB of free space.

Here’s how to create a LiveUSB :

  1. First of all, you need to download an ISO file of your preferred Linux flavor. We will use Ubuntu for this article.
  2. Next step is to download a small windows tool called Linux Live Usb Creator1
  3. Once you have downloaded the tool, install it on your computer.
  4. Now insert your USB stick into your computer and select it in the USB Creator tool. (It will be better to backup your USB data before proceeding further.)2
  5. In ‘CHOOSE A SOURCE’ step, click on ‘ISO/IMG/ZIP’ and select your ISO file.3
  6. In ‘OPTIONS’, tick all the options. (Make sure to backup your USB data as this step will completely erase everything in the USB Drive.)4
  7. Now simply click on the lightning bolt icon and wait for the process to complete.5

Cheers! You have made your own LiveUSB now. Now go and try all the different flavors of Linux without having to worry about the tiresome installation process of an OS.
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