How To Create GIFs From Youtube Videos

What are GIFs?

GIF or the Graphics Interchange Format is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. The GIF format is mainly used to display animation. GIFs are very popular and are widely used on social networking sites. An example of GIF is given down below.


GIFs are cool and an awesome way to communicate. It becomes easy to express emotions and feelings with animation. That’s the reason why GIFs have become so popular nowadays. But, how to make a GIF? Well, there are many ways to create them. You can create them by using different software made especially to create GIFs. Or, you can even use photoshop to create some awesome GIFs. But the easiest way to create a GIF is from a video. And, what’s more? You can create a cool GIF directly from YouTube without having to install any software. Follow these simple steps to know how.

Creating GIFs from YouTube

1. Open any video on YouTube that you want to convert into GIF (or some part of it).
url mp3 gif

2. Modify the URL by adding gif before youtube (i.e. after “www.”) as shown in the image down below.
add gif here

3. Choose the clip duration and add effects or stickers, etc. You can also change hue, saturation, add a caption, crop, blur some part, and there are much more options to play with.
gif effects

4. After doing all this, click on “Create GIF”.
create gif

5. After this, copy the GIF file URL or click on Download GIF.

NOTE: You can use your GIF file URL to share the GIF with your friends on facebook or any other social networking site, hence, without downloading it.
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