The New Mi Drone From Xiaomi is Here

Well, the company known for its smart and cheap products is back again for us. But this time, they have something really cool for us. Yep, it’s a drone. They have stepped in to become one of the players in the trending business. And after landing the drone in the international markets, it may even become the top player. Now let’s talk about the drone itself. Xiaomi’s new Mi Drone is a sleek, elegant and beautifully built drone that comes with a 3-axis gimbal, a camera and a remote control that also enables you to mount your smartphone and use it as a viewfinder. This product, as usual, comes in two variants. The first variant has a 1080p camera and comes at a cost of 2,499 yuan which is about ₹25,000/$380 whereas the second one comes bundled with a 4K camera and is priced at 2,999 yuan (₹30,000/$460).

Xiaomi has also equipped the drone with some pretty great features that are usually seen in the high-end drones. The drone can run in an autonomous flight mode i.e. it can take off, fly and land back all by itself using built-in GPS receivers and has an operating range of about 3 Kilometers. You can also set a geofence to restrict the flying zone of the drone.

Mi Drone is powered by a 5,100 mAh battery that provides a flight time of about 25 minutes. Some parts of the drone can be detached including the battery and can be replaced in case of damage. The 4K version of the drone will be first launched for testing by the last week of July via an open beta program while the 1080p version will be crowdfunded on the Mi Home app from 26 May 2016.

Here is the official video from Xiaomi which verifies the aesthetics of the drone and the video quality of the camera.

This Mi Drone can surely be believed to provide a stiff competition to the other drone manufacturers like DJI considering both the feature sets and the price point. But hey, the verdict is yours.

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