How to access blocked websites using VPN

There are certain websites which are either banned in some countries or are not available in specific areas. But, with the help of a Virtual Private Network (or VPN), you can access any website from anywhere and can enjoy the internet freedom. The best part is that accessing these websites through VPN is absolutely free. There are some paid VPN services also. But here, I’ll discuss the VPN service which is not only fast but also 100% free. So, that you can browse the web without censorship and anonymously.
If you are using chrome/firefox browser, all you have to do is to download an extension.
You can download the extension from Hola – Free VPN. Hola is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android, iOS and Windows.
Now, to access blocked websites using VPN, follow these simple steps:-

1.  Click Hola – Free VPN and download/install HOLA for free!!

Note: Google Chrome users can click here – Hola for Chrome and click on ‘Add To Chrome‘.

2. After successful installation of Hola, Open the blocked website(s) you want to open and click on the Hola icon on the top right corner of your browser.
hola icon
blocked websites hola vpn
3. Select any country (except the country where the site is blocked).
unblock website through hola vpn

BOOM!! There you Go. The next time you’ll open any of these websites, it will automatically save your preferences and you do not have to repeat the above steps. Enjoy the Internet Freedom and access any website from anywhere for FREE.

If Hola doesn’t work for you, try other services like DotVPN, CyberGhost etc. by following the same steps as mentioned above.

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