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Linux is a beautiful Operating System and is absolutely free of cost. All Linux Distros have same Linux Kernel at its core. Unlike Windows or Mac OS, Linux gives you a lot of options to choose from. You can select a Linux based OS depending upon your needs and interest. Currently, there are more than 280 Linux distributions. Every Linux distro has its purpose. Some distros are made for simple tasks and generally have an intuitive User Interface while others serve a specific purpose like gaming or penetration testing. Likewise, some are made especially for desktops, while some are made especially for laptops. So, it is quite difficult to pick top 5 Linux Distros out of 280+ choices available, each Linux distro having its own purpose. But, based on the general interest of people, we have chosen the top 5 Linux distros, which you can install and try right away on your devices. Also, each Linux Distro mentioned in this top 5 list is worth giving a shot. Some Linux Distros in this list like Kali Linux, may not be user-friendly but once you install them, you’ll be surprised to know what these Linux distros are capable of doing. So, if you have decided to install Linux on your PC, or just want to give it a shot, here are the top 5 distros to choose from :

1. Ubuntu
ubuntu linux distros

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux Distro and it comes with everything you need to run your organisation, school, home or enterprise. Ubuntu is user-friendly. All the necessary applications, like an office suite, web browser, email, and media apps come pre-installed in Ubuntu. Also, there are thousands of more applications and games available in the Ubuntu software centre.

2. Elementary OS 
elementary os linux distros

Elementary OS is the most beautiful Linux-based distro in this list. Its design is inspired by Mac OS. Elementary OS is powerful and very lightweight. Elementary OS will run well even on old PCs. It is a fast and low-maintenance platform that you can install virtually anywhere. If you are installing Linux for the very first time, Elementary OS is a very good option for you.

3. Linux Mint
linux mint linux distros

Linux Mint is the most liked Linux Distribution by the beginners. Linux Mint is a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is powerful and yet easy to use. Linux Mint is the 3rd most widely used home operating system behind Windows and Mac OS. It works out of the box, with full multimedia support and is extremely easy to use. Linux Mint requires very little maintenance.

4. openSUSE
opensuse linux distros

openSUSE is the second largest distribution. Setting up a Virtual Machine, developing software, or managing a small server can be easily done with openSUSE. This distro is ideal for users who want a stable and reliable operating system with great support. They have a huge store of software and applications.

5. Kali Linux

kali linux distros

Kali Linux is a penetration testing platform, and it contains several hundred tools aimed at various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Forensics and Reverse Engineering. If you want a distro that you can use as a general purpose desktop installation, Kali Linux is probably not what you are looking for. But, if you have an interest in hacking or want to be a cyber security engineer, Kali Linux is what you’re looking for.

Bonus: Some other Linux Distros that you can try:

debian linux distros


netrunner linux distros

mageia linux distros

Bodhi Linux 
bodhi linux distros

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