View Youtube Videos Using Picture in Picture Mode

Digging YouTube deep to find some good videos is truly what I do most of the time. But, on opening a video of my choice I am presented with a channel intro of nearly 15 seconds. Seconds, which I could have spent on finding another great video. I know I can skip the beginning by seeking the video forward in time but it is more annoying ┬áthan the intro part itself. And if you are just like me, worry not I have a really cool solution for this problem. I present to you – YouTube Picture in Picture Mode.

youtube picture in picture mode

Youtube Picture in Picture is a chrome extension that simply allows you to view YouTube videos while browsing YouTube for more videos. All you have to do is open a video of your choice then go to any other non-video Youtube page and the video will be shrunk to the bottom corner of your screen. It also allows you to directly play the video in PiP Mode just by right clicking on it. Watch the video below to see the extension in action.

This mode comes really handy when you are watching videos which have long boring scenes. Do try it out and let us know. Or if you have any another great solution for us, shoot us an email.

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